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Project Manager

By September 3, 2019
  • Full Time
  • Washington, DC
  • September 24, 2019


The American Association of State Highway and Transportation Officials is currently hiring a Project Manager, a position located in Washington, DC.

Nature of Position: The Project Manager takes a lead role in the cooperative development of multiple computer software projects, and manages the software products (AASHTOWare®) resulting from these projects. The incumbent oversees the solicitation and development process for new projects, including drafting requests for proposals; coordinating proposal evaluation and contractor selection with appropriate task force members; and negotiating contracts and preparing contractual documents for the Executive Director’s execution. As the AASHTO liaison between the task forces associated with each product and project, and the contractors selected to develop the product, the Project Manager administers software development contracts to ensure that software development activities proceed effectively, within schedule and budget constraints and in accordance with contractual requirements and the Association’s policies, guidelines and procedures that govern these activities. The Project Manager also provides a lead technical role on software development, implementation of new technology, repositioning of existing products, and the overall quality assurance. The incumbent also participates in the long-range planning, budget development, and marketing of AASHTOWare products.  The Project Manager coordinates with the AASHTOWare Customer Success Manager on activities involving customer interaction. In addition, activities related to AASHTOWare product marketing are coordinated by the Project Manager with the Senior Marketing Specialist assigned to the AASHTOWare Program.

The Project Manager also coordinates the licensing of both AASHTOWare software products and product maintenance and enhancement services. The incumbent assists the AASHTOWare Business Operations Manager when necessary with the preparation of software license agreements for member departments and private sector organizations, and ensures that such agreements comply with both Association and individual state requirements. In response to frequent external inquiries, the incumbent responds to requests for information regarding AASHTO’s software development activities and licensing options and procedures. To assist in the financial management of the software development program, the incumbent monitors the collection and disbursement of funds relating to software development and licensing activities, and prepares monthly reports on license fee collection and project expenses.

The Project Manager may serve as the staff liaison for one or more AASHTO committees, which conduct business that has bearing on the AASHTOWare products.  These activities include conducting ballots, managing committee publications, monitoring NCHRP projects and working with other AASHTO staff on the coordination of various committee activities.

The Project Manager attends AASHTOWare task force and other related committee meetings, takes a lead role in advising the task force on appropriate strategic and tactical plans related to the product(s); acts as a representative of the Executive Director, the Director of Engineering and Technical Services, Project Director, and/or the Associate Project Director on contractual and policy matters, and provides both policy and procedural advice; advises on meeting agendas and task force staffing; disseminates informational material to committee members; provides other assistance as required; and must be able to travel 60–90 days per year.

Position Responsibilities: The successful candidate will have a minimum of seven years of related professional experience in a closely related field, and previous experience should demonstrate both professional growth and increasing responsibility. Prior experience in managing annual budgets of $1,000,000 or more is desirable. Previous experience in the development and management of software projects is highly desirable, and experience in the direct use of computers and programming languages is preferable. The incumbent should be able to effectively communicate both orally and in writing, and to work cooperatively with contractors, staff, and task force members. A bachelor’s degree, preferably in civil engineering, information systems or computer sciences, is required. Evidence of a higher degree of professional development, such as post-graduate education or professional registration, as well as additional education in project management and contract administration and law is desirable.

The incumbent must also have a broad understanding of the technical aspects of software development lifecycle and methodologies, and the issues related to software development project management. Comprehension of the specific application areas of automated systems in transportation departments and the trends in associated technology is required, and technical skills in the areas of software engineering, project management, and contract administration and law is desirable.

To Apply: Applicants should submit a cover letter and resume to recruiter@aashto.org by Tuesday, September 24, 2019.

AASHTO is an equal opportunity employer.


To apply for this job email your details to dhuertas@aashto.org