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Proficiency Sample Program Production Manager

By July 20, 2022
  • Full Time
  • Frederick, MD
  • August 12, 2022

American Association of State Highway and Transportation Officials

The American Association of State Highway and Transportation Officials is currently hiring a Proficiency Sample Program Production Manager, a full-time position located in our Frederick, MD office.

Nature of Position:

The AASHTO re:source Proficiency Sample Program (PSP) Production Manager is responsible for scheduling, coordinating, and supervising all activities associated with the AASHTO re:source Proficiency Sample Program (PSP) in a safe, efficient, and error-free manner. Using a variety of construction and laboratory equipment, the incumbent supervises the preparation of a large volume of proficiency and experimental samples for the soils, aggregates, asphalt mixtures , liquid asphalt, emulsified asphalt, and paint proficiency testing schemes. In order to assess the testing and quality control procedures of participating laboratories, the incumbent evaluates real-time production data to make judgement on the quality of the materials that are being produced and evaluates and approves equipment verifications. The incumbent is also responsible for maintaining the PSP data files and records in a secure and easily retrievable manner for preparing the sample preparation schedule. This enables both the CCRL and AASHTO re:source to complete sample preparation in a timely manner, ensuring that the Proficiency Sample Industrial Area is maintained at a high level of operation.

To ensure the smooth operation of the Proficiency Sample Programs, the Production Manager is responsible for ensuring that  calibration, standardization, check, maintenance and verification of the equipment used in the PSP is performed; supervises the construction of devices that improve the efficiency and effectiveness of proficiency sample preparation; and ensures compliance with operational aspects of the quality program. The incumbent also coordinates with the Proficiency Sample Program Manager to contact material suppliers to procure adequate supplies of required raw materials and to ensure their availability for timely and quality distribution of proficiency samples. As needed, the incumbent performs other tasks to ensure the efficient operation and implementation of the AASHTO re:source PSP.

The incumbent shall take a lead role in the training, development, and evaluation of the other team members that they oversee.

The incumbent is expected to conform to all AASHTO re:source safety policies and work with the PSP Manager to ensure safety policies and procedures are developed and revised to ensure the production facility is operating within OSHA guidelines.  The incumbent will also support the AASHTO re:source quality assurance programs.

Position Requirements:

The successful candidate will have at least five years of quality related experience in the construction industry or a related field, including the prior use of construction machinery. In addition, a high school diploma is required.

The candidate must have be familiar with all proficiency sample materials and processes. In addition, they must possess the manual skills and a broad understanding of processes necessary for the preparation of proficiency samples in a safe and orderly manner in a laboratory setting.  The incumbent must be knowledgeable of computer operation and file manipulation.

The incumbent must be able to (1) obtain and maintain a state driver’s license to operate motor vehicles; (2) operate a fork lift, front-end loader, scissor lift, barrel tipper, drum dolly, pallet jack, and shovel; (3) lift packages weighing up to 70 pounds as many as 100 times a day, and (4) climb ladders.

Applicants should submit a resume to recruiter@aashto.org by Friday, August 12th, 2022

AASHTO is an equal opportunity employer.

To apply for this job email your details to recruiter@aashto.org