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(JC-416141) Chief, LD-IGR & Modeling/Travel Forecasting Branch

By February 12, 2024


To Apply: https://calcareers.ca.gov/CalHrPublic/Jobs/JobPosting.aspx?JobControlId=416141

Under the general direction of the Deputy District Director of Planning and Local Assistance, a Career Executive Assignment (CEA) A, the incumbent serves as the Branch Chief of the Local Development-Intergovernmental Review (LD-IGR) and Modeling/Travel Forecasting functions. LD-IGR is a state and federally mandated ongoing statewide effort focused primarily on avoiding, eliminating, or reducing to insignificance, potentially adverse impacts of local development on the transportation system. The position has extensive responsibility to regularly interact with district and headquarters managers and has authority for negotiating and reaching consensus with local agencies regarding mitigation to protect the safety and operations of the State Highway System. Transportation modeling and forecasting supports the District’s need for modeling, forecasting, and analysis of traffic and travel demand for various Caltrans transportation engineering, project development, and planning needs. The incumbent supervises and directs the work of staff in the LD-IGR and Modeling/Travel Forecasting Branch and coordinates directly with other local and regional agencies, stakeholders, and the public. The Branch Chief ensures that LD-IGR and Modeling/Travel Forecasting products are delivered in a timely manner and serves as the District’s lead respondent to their planning issues and questions.

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Senior Transportation Planner Exam

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