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Pavement Design Engineer

By December 4, 2023


Develop and maintain Pavement Design Manuals, Procedures, and Standard Plans.  Provide input, develop requests, and review specifications and pay items related to pavements.

Initiate, supervise and coordinate research efforts by Design, Materials, Traffic, and Planning to ensure accurate input into the pavement design processes.  Monitor and participate in research such as from the Transportation Research Board, Federal Highway Administration, the National Cooperative Highway Research Program, and other States.  Review and evaluate technical literature.  Incorporate findings into Department procedures where appropriate.

Conducts Quality Assurance Reviews in the field and office to document findings to recommend correction, improvement, or revision to criteria and standards as appropriate.  Requires occasional field work throughout Florida which collects data and takes measurements of roadway features such as roadway cross slopes, pavement condition, etc.  Prepares and/or coordinates the preparation of Department Quality Assurance reports and assists with the interviews sufficient to complete and close out assignments.

Prepare and conduct training courses, both instructor and computer based, in the areas of flexible pavement design, rigid pavement design, and pavement type selection.

Provide assistance to and cross train with the other areas of the Quality Assurance and Engineering Support Section.  This assistance could include any of the following areas: Design Exceptions/Variations, Quality Assurance Review Program, Value Engineering, and Risk Management.

Attend various technical committee meetings and represent the State Pavement Design Engineer when he or she is not available to attend.

To apply for this job email your details to shawn.trotman@dot.state.fl.us

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