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Automotive Mechanic

By November 17, 2022


The New JerseyDepartment of Transportation (NJDOT) is seeking applications for candidates for the position of
Automotive Mechanic within the Division of Transportation Operations Systems and Support. Automotive Mechanics
are assigned a 40 – hour work week. The current starting salary range is between $47,644 and $54,140, based on experience.
As a NJ State Department, NJDOT offers a comprehensive benefits package including Health Care (medical, prescription drug,
dental and vision care), Pension, Deferred Compensation, 13 paid holidays, and Benefit Leave (12 vacation days,
15 sick days and 3 administrative days). The standard workweek is Monday through Friday.

Automotive Mechanic duties may include:
• In a garage and/or in the field, performs maintenance and repair on gasoline and diesel motor vehicles, including special
purpose vehicles and associated equipment, including inspecting safety items, checking for deficiencies, tune – ups, oil changes,
lubrication, filter changes, spark plug and point replacement.
• Diagnoses computerized fuel management systems, computerized ignition systems, and computerized engine timing by
using highly sophisticated electronic equipment to determine and perform needed repairs.
• Repairs and adjusts electrical sensors, E.G.R. valves, and computerized electrical systems according to automotive and
Federal Government Clean Air Standards.
• Repair fenders and other body parts and tightens chassis;changes and repair tires and inner tubes on cars, truck, and trailer;
changes and maintains storage batteries.
• Removes, repairs, and/or replaces assemblies (engines, transmissions, axles) subassemblies (cylinder heads, oil pumps,
fan belts, generators, starters, gauges) and other parts (tie rods, drag links, ball joints, brake linings, bearings) on motor vehicles
and equipment.
• Uses test equipment to detect, adjust, and/or correct deficiencies on motor vehicles and equipment, including checking and
adjusting headlights, caster and camber, hydrocarbon emissions, and timing and dwell.
• Diagnoses inoperative motor vehicles and equipment to determine the cause of malfunction and take corrective action.
• Repairs, rebuilds, and overhauls assemblies and subassemblies from motor vehicles and equipment, including
engines (gasoline and diesel), transmission (manuals and automatic), electrical components (alternators, generators, and
starters) hydraulic components (pumps), and carburetors.
• Performs adjustments on motor vehicle equipment and their assemblies to conform to maintenance manual specifications,
including valves, ignition systems, brakes, and clutches.
For more information regarding this position, please refer to:
Education: Successful completion of one (1) year of training in automotive technology at an accredited community college
or vocational school.
Experience: Two (2) years of experience as a mechanic in the repair and installation of motors and the maintenance and
repair of motorized vehicles and equipment.
NOTE: Applicants who do not possess the required year of formal training may substitute one (1) additional year of experience
as outlined above.
NOTE: An Automotive Service Excellence (ASE) Certification in one of the following specialties from the National Institute
for Automotive Service Excellence may be substituted for the formal training: A – 1 Engine Repair, A – 6 Electrical/
Electronic Systems, A – 8 Engine Performance.
License and Certifications: Appointees must possess a driver’s license valid in New Jersey. Appointees may also be required to
possess a valid Commercial Driver’s License (CDL) and applicable endorsements for the class and type of vehicle being operated.
NOTE: Appointees in the Department of Transportation will be required to obtain a Commercial Driver’s License (CDL) and
applicable endorsement(s) within six (6) months of appointment. The inability of a Department of Transportation employee to attain
a CDL and necessary endorsements within six (6) months of hire shall constitute grounds for removal.
In accordance with Federal regulation 82:40, appointees responsible for the repair or servicing of motor vehicle air conditioners are
required to possess and maintain a valid Air Conditioning and Refrigeration Technician Certification, commensurate with the type of
equipment serviced, issued by the Federal Environmental Protection Agency.
In accordance with NJSA 13:20 – 47.15, appointees responsible for performing emissions inspections on diesel – powered vehicles
are required to successfully complete a course of instruction on Diesel Emission Inspection provided through the Appointing Authority.
Appointees may be required to successfully complete re – training.
In accordance with the New JerseyOccupational Safety and Health Administration regulation 29 CFR 1910.178(l) (1), appointees
responsible for the operation of industrial trucks (powered forklifts) will be required to obtain and maintain a current certification as a
Powered Industrial Truck Operator issued by the New JerseyOccupational Safety and Health Administration. Appointees may be
required to successfully complete re – training.
In accordance with NJSA 13:20 – 45.16, appointees responsible for performing emissions repairs to gasoline – fueled vehicles are
required to possess and maintain a current certification as an Emissions Repairer Technician.
In accordance with NJSA 13:20 – 43.17, appointees responsible for performing emissions inspections to motor vehicles are required
to possess and maintain a current certification as a Motor Vehicle Emissions Inspector.
Appointees responsible for repairing or servicing motor vehicles equipped for alternate fuel are required to successfully complete
training and maintain a valid Alternate Fuel Certification. Appointees who possess an ASE Certification in Alternate Fuel are consideredto have met this requirement.
Affected appointees are required to maintain valid certifications, and successfully complete the re – certification processes within the
timeframes mandated by statute.
Work Authorization: Applicants must be authorized to work in the United States according to the Department of Homeland Security,
United States Citizenship and Immigration Services regulations. NJDOT does not provide sponsorship or accept student OPT/CPT
programs, F1 or H1B work authorization visas.
Residency: All persons hired on or after September 1, 2011 have one year from the date of appointment to establish, and
then maintain, principal residence in the State of New Jersey subject to the provisions of N.J.S.A. 52:14 – 7 (P.L. 2011, c. 70), also
known as the “New Jersey First Act.”

To apply for this job email your details to dot.njdotjobs@dot.nj.gov

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