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Construction & Maintenance Technician Apprentice

By November 23, 2022
  • Full Time
  • New Jersey
  • December 21, 2022


The New JerseyDepartment of Transportation (NJDOT) is accepting applications for candidates interested in the position of
Construction and Maintenance Technician Apprentice. Applications are being accepted to form a candidate pool for future
vacancy opportunities throughout multiple units within the Department and various locations across the State. Construction and
Maintenance Technician Apprentice are assigned a 40 – hour work week. Current starting salary is between $39,973 and $45,315,
based on experience. Upon successful completion of the twenty – four (24) month apprenticeship program, appointees will be
eligible for advancement to the title of Construction and Maintenance Technician 1. As a NJ State Department, NJDOT offers
a comprehensive benefits package including Health Care (medical, prescription drug, dental and vision care), Pension, Deferred
Compensation, 13 paid holidays, and Benefit Leave (12 vacation days, 15 sick days and 3 administrative days).
Division of Capital Program Management (CPM) – Bureau of Materials
The Bureau of Materials is responsible for the testing of construction materials conducted in NJDOT’s Headquarters
Laboratory, the inspection of fabricated materials at the point of manufacture, and the independent assurance
testing of regional materials testing. The Bureau of Materials is also responsible for providing materials specification
and testing expertise for the department and the administration of computer software for the management of projects.
Division of Capital Program Management (CPM) – Construction & Materials
Construction & Materials is comprised of two sections. Construction is responsible for assuring that the contractor constructs
the project in accordance with the plans and specifications. Materials is responsible for assuring that the materials being supplied
and used on all the projects are tested and inspected. Apprentice may be assigned to either of the two sections at any time.

Special Note Regarding Field Assignment
Technicians are assigned to a construction project and report to the construction site for the duration of that project. The work
location will be at any project site within their assigned regional boundary. The Department is broken down into three (3) regions:
• Region North consists of Bergen, Essex, Hudson, Morris, Passaic, Sussex, Union and Warren counties
• Region Central consists of Mercer, Monmouth, Middlesex, Ocean, Somerset, and Hunterdon counties.
• Region South consists of Burlington, Camden, Atlantic, Cumberland, Cape May, Salem, and Gloucester counties.

Field assignment workdays are 8 hours in length. Standard work hours are 7:00 a.m. – 3:30 p.m., but are subject to change based on
contractors need. Such hours may include nights, weekends, and holidays depending on the contractor and the project assignment. It
should be noted that the hours set by the contractor may differ from day to day, but every effort is made to provide advance notice
in cases of shift change. Work assignment locations may also vary frequently based on the contractor and project assignment and
includes all areas within the boundaries of the region. Appointees must also be available to work overtime, if and when required.
Some technicians are required to use their personal vehicle to get to the jobsite or supplier’s plant and, if necessary, to transport
Test specimens. These appointees are eligible for mileage reimbursement.
Underclose supervision of an engineer or higher- level technician, an apprentice receives on – the – job training in:
(a) performing assignments involved in the inspection ortesting of road and bridge construction including electrical,
environmental, landscaping, generalconstruction ormaterials to ensure compliance with plans and specifications; or
(b) performing assignments involved in reviewing permit applications, inspecting permit construction sites, and
performing field investigations; does otherrelated duties asrequired.
Below is a list of examples of the work an appointee will be expected to learn. Job duties and responsibilities will vary between unA particular position may not perform all duties listed, and conversely, all duties performed on the job may not be listed.
• inspect the installation of allelectrical work, facilities, landscaping materials, or highway appurtenances including but not limitedcurbs,environmentalsystems, guiderails, utility systems, drainage systems, and traffic control devices.
• inspect ortest the quality and determines the quantity of electrical, landscape, structural, orroad materials, and collects sampleslaboratory analysis.
• inspect the construction of subgrade, subbase, and base courses, paving orlandscape construction work.
• inspect construction of structures including bridges, tunnels,culverts, walls, and ancillary structures.
• inspect and test the production of construction materials at the remote sites.
• set up, standardize, and maintain testing equipment in satisfactory condition.
• perform routine chemical, nondestructive, and/or physical tests in the field orlaboratory.
• investigate work proposed permit applications; evaluates the effect of such work on State rights of way and the public; ensuresproposed work complies with the New Jersey Administrative Code and zoning, visibility, and spacing regulations; and prepares
recommendations for approval or disapproval of permits.
• ensure that permits have been issued and collect fees for applications and violations.
• inspect permit construction sites during construction and to initiate final inspection of projects.
• monitor an assigned area to ensure compliance with State and federalHighway Beautification Laws and regulations, and investcomplaintsrelevant to encroachment on highway properties.
• perform basic mathematicalcalculations including computing contract work and determining quantities of earthwork and const• respond to emergency situations and/orworkscontractors’ hours which are variable and may include nights, weekends, and holi• prepare clear, accurate, and detailed reports; establish and maintain records, files, and progressreports.
The inability of an employee in the Apprentice title to successfully complete the required apprenticeship period and attain a level operformance warranting advancement to the Construction and Maintenance Technician 1 title, shall be considered ascause for
separation from employment.
Education: High School Diploma and satisfactory completion of high school level courses in basic mathematics which
shall have included completion of courses in Geometry and Algebra levels 1 and 2.
License: Appointees must possess a driver’s license valid in New Jersey.
Work Authorization: Applicants must be authorized to work in the United States according to the Department of Homeland
Security, United States Citizenship and Immigration Services regulations. NJDOT does not provide sponsorship or accept
student/OPT program, F1 or H1B work authorization visas.
Residency: All persons newly hired on or after September 1, 2011 have one year from the date of employment to establish,
and them maintain principal residence in the State of New Jersey subject to the provisions of N.J.S.A. 52:14 – 7 (L.2011,
Chapter 70), also known as the “New Jersey First Act.”
You must apply through the NJDOTwebsite at: https://www.state.nj.us/transportation/about/employ/openings.shtm
Submit a complete packet by the closing date that includes the following documents:
• NJ State Application for Employment (Application and instructions can be found at link above)
• Letter of interest
• Current resume
• Copy of High School Transcript to verify completion of Geometry, Algebra 1 and Algebra 2 courses



To apply for this job email your details to dot.njdotjobs@dot.nj.gov

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