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TDOT Region Director of Operations

By November 7, 2022

Tennessee Department of Transportation


Salary: $145,000 annually

We are filling a total of two positions, our Region 2 position located in Chattanooga, TN and our Region 3 position located in Nashville, TN.

TDOT’s Regional Director of Operations role is the backbone behind the Region that enhances and supports the Department’s mission-critical transportation operations. Acting as a leader, strategist, and coach, the position’s chief responsibility is to provide strategic and tactical direction to the extensive team of Regional staff charged with implementing, maintaining, operating, and performance of the Region’s transportation system, serving as a thought partner, problem-solver, and decision-maker for the Region. Intrinsic to the role is the need to maintain strong interpersonal relationships with staff, communities, and state and local partners to identify needs, secure commitments, monitor progress, and communicate progress to the Regional Director and the Department’s leadership. The Regional Director of Operations keeps abreast of emerging technologies, incorporates them when appropriate, and motivates others to utilize those technologies. The position also ensures that the operations’ disciplines and standards are established, managed, and performed.  This position is also a champion of the Region to provide coordinated service to TDOT’s customers.

Essential Job Duties 

  • Implements and manages the overall leadership and policy level direction for Region
    Operations as part of a matrix structure, focusing on implementation of statewide policies,
    procedures, and performance metrics that seek to improve safety and mobility for TDOT’s
    employees, contractors, and the traveling public.
  • Develops budgets and manages financial performance for Region Operations in alignment
    with TDOT financial processes to ensure transparency and accountability.
  • Implements performance metrics around improving safety, mitigating incident management, and traffic operations.
  • Fosters and maintains professional relationships with local government leaders, lawmakers,
    and all members of the highway industry.
  • Assists in focusing research on safer, more cost-effective bridges and highway facilities.
  • Explores and implements emerging technologies that improve efficiency, effectiveness, reliability, and safety of TDOT’s transportation network.
  • Preserves and enhances TDOT’s infrastructure and investments through partnerships with industry, academia, internal and external customers and by deployment of products, techniques, and equipment.
  • Supports and implements the creation of strategies for managing, measuring, and reporting performance across the Region.
  • Leads Region Operations in ensuring project alignment with scope, schedules, budget, and quality to optimize the use of available state and federal funding.


  1. A Bachelor’s degree in Civil Engineering
  2. Licensed PE in Civil Engineering
  3. 12 years of demonstrated competency in transportation engineering including at least 3 years of management experience and 2 years supervising professional and engineering staff involved in project management, survey, design, construction, or maintenance of a roadway, runway, or transportation structure

Application for the TDOT Regional Director of Operations requires completion and submission of the following two items:

  1. Letter explaining applicant interest in the position.
  2. Résumé that is a maximum of two (2) pages.

The two items should be emailed to TDOT.Careers@tn.gov by November 30, 2022.

For a more in-depth description of this position, please see the below link:


To apply for this job email your details to TDOT.Careers@tn.gov

Job Posting Link: Apply for Job